Feature | Political Sports Drama
DIRECTOR: Ove Musting
CAST: Mait Malmsten, Priit Võigemast, Reimo Sagor, Mihkel Kuusk, Howard Frier, Andris Keišs
PG13 | 2020 | Estonian, Russian and English w/subtitles| 95 minutes

20 May 2023



Inspired by real life ‘Kalev’ tells the story of a legendary basketball team’s tense journey through the last championships of the crumbling Soviet Union. In the summer of 1990 as the small Baltic nations struggle to regain their independence, society is divided, there is fear and turmoil on the streets, just as the Soviet Union’s basketball championship is about to begin. The Estonian team Kalev faces a momentous decision. With independence seemingly within arm’s reach, a rising tide of public opinion opposes their participation in the championship. As professional athletes, the team makes the unpopular choice: to play. Against all odds, Kalev makes it to the finals only to find their battle has become much larger.


Estonia’s submission for the Best International Feature Film Academy Award (2022)
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