Precious Ivie | Ivie Wie Ivie

DIRECTOR: Sarah Blaßkiewitz
CAST: Haley Louise Jones, Lorna Ishema, Anne Haug, Maximilian Brauer, Anneke Kim Sarnau
NC16 | 2021 | German w/English subtitles| 109 minutes | Preceded by Out of Love

28 May 2023



Ivie, nicknamed “Schoko” (“Choco”) by her childhood friends, is a 30-year-old woman with African roots from Leipzig, who is in search of steady employment as a teacher while working at her best friend’s solarium. One day, her half-sister Naomi from Berlin, previously unknown to her, shows up at her front door to break the news of their father’s death, urging her to travel to Africa for his funeral. As their worlds collide, Ivie begins to feel the weight of a culture she does not truly know, with a name she can no longer accept. Sarah Blaßkiewitz’s tender feature debut explores the nuances of mixed-race identity across different cities and communities in Germany, to present the complexities and contours of what it means to be a multikulti society.


SI STAR (2022) - Best Film Deutscher Filmpreis (2021) - Best Supporting Female Role Filmkunstmesse Leipzig (2021) - Guild Film Award, Best Film (Young Cinema) Achtung Berlin Filmfestival (2021) - New Berlin Film Award, Best Drama - New Berlin Film Award, Best Acting Festival of German Film Ludwigshafen am Rhein (2021) - Rheingold (Film Art Award), Best Film
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